Roddenberry Foundation Contributes $100,000 to the Global Learning XPRIZE Indiegogo Campaign and Inspires $750,000 stretch goal

Roddenberry Foundation Contributes $100,000 to the Global Learning XPRIZE Indiegogo Campaign and Inspires $750,000 stretch goal

Today we have some very special news to share. It is the perfect mix of innovation, Star Trek, literacy, and crowdfunding. Read on…

As many of you will know, we recently launched our Global Learning XPRIZE. This is a $15 million competition that challenges teams to produce tablet-based Open Source software that teaches kids how to read, write, and perform arithmetic. It is designed to bring a world of literacy to hundreds of millions of kids.

The response to the new XPRIZE has been incredible, and as part of the launch we also announced a $500,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. This campaign is designed to raise additional funds that will enable us to test the technology with more kids in more areas of the world and build a global movement focused on eradicating illiteracy.

So, this leads, rather neatly, to our news. Many of you will be familiar with Rod Roddenberry, producer and executive at Roddenberry Entertainment, and son of Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry.

A New Frontier

Rod is also the President of the Roddenberry Foundation, an organization that supports and inspires efforts that create and expand new frontiers for the benefit of humanity. It funds innovative solutions to critical global issues in the areas of science and technology, the environment, education and humanitarian advances. This probably all sounds fairly familiar…

We are delighted to announce the Roddenberry Foundation has contributed $100,000 to our Global Learning Indiegogo campaign. The Roddenberry Foundation’s generosity will help to make the Global Learning XPRIZE even more impactful and get the technology out to more kids around the world and build a stronger and even more empowered global community

Rod took the time to record a short video that shares his passion for the campaign:

While at XPRIZE we are obviously delighted about the Roddenberry Foundation’s financial contribution, we are as equally delighted by their strong support of the Global Learning XPRIZE and our Indiegogo campaign. We respect the work they do, and their testimonial and support is inspirational.

A driving force behind the goals of the crowdfunding campaign is to provide an opportunity for everyone to play a role in bringing literacy to millions, and this is a wonderful example of how everyone can play a part, whether contributing $10 or $100,000.

A New Goal

This generous contribution from the Roddenberry Foundation has almost got us to our $500,000 goal, so in the spirit of pushing new frontiers, this contribution has inspired us to add a stretch goal.

For those unfamiliar with crowd-sourcing lingo, a stretch goal is added when it is fairly clear that a campaign is going to meet its goal. The stretch goal is designed to provide further inspiration to hit a higher goal because that higher goal will ultimately bring even more impact to the benefactor of the campaign…in this case, building revolutionary educational technology for children everywhere.

Here at XPRIZE we are in the business of the bold and audacious, so we have decided to set our stretch goal to be $750,000.

Raising $750,000 enables us to do some incredible things.

It will fund the ability for us to test the technology with more kids…this will ensure that the finalist’s solutions are as effective as possible in bringing education to a broad range of kids and cultures. As the software saying goes “with more eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”; more testing means more eyeballs and thus better software.

The money will help us to do even more in building our global community. We can fund new infrastructure, community events, collaborative campaigns and goals, different on-ramps in which people can get involved, and build an environment where developers, designers, translators, scientists, artists and more can make a difference.

…and let us not forget that every dollar contributed is an investment in an open technology for society. The top five teams will all be required to make their solutions available under an Open Source license. This will provide an open bedrock of educational technology that can live on, long beyond the conclusion of the Global Learning XPRIZE. It will provide a strong foundation that can continue to evolve and meet the educational needs of kids around the world.

We also hope that this freely available open technology will  ship on every smartphone and tablet; it brings immediate value to hardware manufacturers and consumers alike.

Many, many thanks to our friends at the Roddenberry Foundation for their kind support, and to everyone else who has contributed so far.

The campaign closes on the November 6th, and we need your help to spread the word and help us hit our $750,000 stretch goal. You can find out more about raising awareness of the campaign on our Get Involved page. Thanks!

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