David Mitchell

David Mitchell

CEO, CROPS Carbon Systems

David Mitchell is a NASA award-winning entrepreneur who has published topics on the Internet, space, virtual reality, and telepresence. He is a past member of the Citizens' Advisory Council on National Space Policy with a lifetime of experience in private space development, emergency preparedness, and advanced communications. 

David is currently CEO of the CROPS carbon removal team participating in the $100 Million XPRIZE competition. 

In Hollywood, he consults Pro-bono as part of The Science and Entertainment Exchange of the National Academy of Sciences. This includes working with NBC/Universal television series, Disney/Marvel, online television, children's educational cartoons, as well as assisting screenwriters, directors & producers. 

Past accomplishments include being the leader of the team that invented the battery powered laptop computer in 1982, creating the Lunar Teleoperations Model 1 (LTM1) in 1994, and deploying hundreds of square miles of wireless communications for cities and public safety agencies during the last 20 years.