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About Us

Equally is a public benefit corporation with a purpose of improving access to equal education and opportunities for everyone. 

Our first product, School of Games is an 18 month long, early childhood, literacy game that teaches vocabulary and numeracy to children between the ages of 3 to 5 years. As the endless learning continues through the 700+ levels, the game measures the learning progress of each child in real-time. The game most importantly uses speech recognition to teach speaking skills.

About Team Leader

Arjita is a serial social entrepreneur passionate about education. She has an undergraduate degree in physical therapy from India, diploma in drama from LAMDA, London and Masters in social entrepreneurship from Hult, San Francisco. She was a director at School of English, a vocational school for the underpriviliged in India and has taught over 10,000 people, including Indian Army soldiers who were going for UN Peace Keeping Missions. She also started a non profit Hallmark of Peace and Excellence (HOPE) under which trained children in theatre and communication skills. She is now the CEO of Equally, a public benefit corporation that has the purpose of improving access to equal education and opportunities for all. Under Equally, she has launched her first product called School of Games, an early childhood literacy game which currently is being used in US, India, Cambodia and Peru by over 9000 children. She is also the co-founder of Startup India Advisory Services that helps Indian entrepreneurs to scale solutions to India’s biggest problems and serves on the Young Advisory Board of Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. Arjita has created businesses across cultures and worked with multiple business models to reach scale and impact.

Team Members

Arjita Sethi
Anshul dhawan
Nick Dong

Team Leader:
Arjita Sethi
San Francisco, CA, United States

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