About Us

LiteracyApp.org - One AI tutor for every child

We are an open source community with a core team of contributors from 8 different nationalities.

Our vision is a world where every child on earth has access to basic education.

To make this happen, we build open source and scalable Android software that teaches a child to read, write and perform arithmetic with the help of an AI tutor.

Using the power of crowdsourcing and  exponential technologies, our mission is to bring our software into the hands of the millions of children that do not have the necessary resources available to achieve basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Tech Information

The project relies heavily on building software that enables children to operate the tablets without any guidance. For this reason, we focus on using technologies that will improve the overall ​emotional intelligence​ of the AI tutoring system:

  • Computer vision (e.g. ​face recognition​)
  • AI/machine learning
  • Speech recognition
  • Text-to-speech
  • Handwriting recognition

With such machine intelligence in place, we are better able to adapt the user interface, apps, games and educational content to each individual student, and this way achieve our goal of ​personalized learning​ .

About Team Leader

Jo has always been interested in experimenting with new ways to combine learning with technology in order to make the learning easier and more efficient, as well as reaching more people. He has been working full-time on the Global Learning XPRIZE since 2015.

He has 10 years of experience with professional software development. Before the Global Learning XPRIZE, he founded another EdTech company offering an online language course accessed through an Android platform which now has 13.000 registered students.

For Jo, the Global Learning XPRIZE is the perfect combination of his past experience, skills, and interest in linguistics. And not to mention the incredibly important problem that is being solved - to bring basic literacy and numeracy to millions of children -  which he considers the real driving force and motivator behind everything.

Team Members

George Karanja (27, Kenya)Michael Sladoje (27, Switzerland)
Jo Grimstad (32, Norway)Gema Sánchez (39, Spain) 
Alin Mureșan (24, Romania) Mike Schälchli (27, Switzerland)
Bikash Agrawal (34, Nepal) Sharon Quntai (27, Kenya)
Eli Hasson (46, Israel) 
Team Leader:
Jo Grimstad
Kristiansand, Norway

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