Leap to Know

About Us

The Leap to Know team is dedicated to bringing about fundamental change to mother-tongue education across the globe. Motivated by the daily evidence of the consequences of inadequate foundation phase education in marginalised communities world-wide, this largely South African team of experienced teachers, developers and artists are passionate about producing resourceful solutions such as leveraging culturally relevant stories, illustrations and images to create a familiar context within which learning activities take place and ensuring that the software accommodates easy configuration of all content.

Tech Information

The Leap to Know solution consists of two main components, an Educational Android app and a Content Configuration web app. We leverage a game engine for the animation, music and sound effects and store tablet usage data to identify required improvements and to track learner performance. The educational app supports multiple users. Since the solution needed to be completely configurable and support different languages, we opted for a custom configuration web app. This ensures extreme flexibility and easy configuration of all stories, text, images and voice recordings.

About Team Leader

Jeanette Greeff is a software architect who previously worked at a leading South African Internet Service Provider where she was employed as a solutions and delivery architect. She was responsible for project analysis and design, for code reviews of Java and .Net C# applications, and for data modelling and database design for various projects. She holds an Honours and Master’s degree in Computer Science (cum laude) from the University of Stellenbosch. She is co-founder of Leap to Know and works full-time for the Leap to Know team as team leader and software development manager.

Rolien Bührmann is a qualified teacher with a Master’s degree in Latin (cum laude) and 20 years’ experience as educational writer and translator. She has written for educational publishers such as Heinemann and Pearson, focussing mainly on the development of English second language learning. She co-authored the highly successful CAPS-approved Spot On English series and developed electronic assets for e-pubs. Her experience in liaising with illustrators, photographers and story writers, as well as her previous experience in teaching English and Mathematics to Swazi learners in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa, contributes to the process of developing material for Leap to Know. Her passion for linguistics is a great advantage during the process of converting the English Leap to Know content into other languages. She is co-founder of Leap to Know and acts as content development manager.

Team Members

Jeanette Greeff, Rolien Bührmann, Shaun Wuth, Felix Bührmann, Daniel Munyaga, Christa Bonnema, Liza van Tonder, Erika Murray-Theron, Heleen Steyn, Lisa Steyn, Anneke Chambers, Elizabeth Pulles, Stephanie Muller, Eldie Berger, Aletia Fourie, Katinka Joubert, Erna de Villiers, Murray Theron, Sophia Bührmann, Ruan Le Grange, Jeff Morris, Magdalena Lamey, Ya Bana Village and Ya Bana Pre-primary School

Team Leader:
Jeanette Greeff and Rolien Bührmann
Pretoria, South Africa

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