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AutoCognita is an EdTech innovator with a mission to deliver scalable literacy to all.  Founded by Frank Ho in 2015, the team has developed an effective autonomous learning app that helps children and adults learn core literacy and numeracy skills on their own.  AutoCognita follows five core principles to develop its solution – research-based, constructivist learning, theory-driven pedagogy, engagement of all senses, and simple UX design.  The team is competing in three XPRIZE challenges – Global Learning XPRIZE, Adult Literacy XPRIZE, and AI XPRIZE, and is proud to be selected as a semi-finalist for both the Global Learning XPRIZE and Adult Literacy XPRIZE.

Going forward, the team aims to scale across countries and languages by launching an open source development platform for large-scale collaboration.  This will be followed by scaling up towards more advanced literacy topics, including life-skills and creativity.  AutoCognita is developing an AI-powered writing assistant to help people write better, and is participating in the AI XPRIZE with this project.

AutoCognita – from scalable literacy to exponential intelligence

Tech Information

The app is available on Google Play:

About Team Leader

Frank Ho is Founder and CEO of AutoCognita, an EdTech business delivering scalable literacy to the world.  Inspired by XPRIZE’s transformative power, Frank formed a small, dedicated team to compete in three XPRIZE challenges – Global Learning XPRIZE, Adult Literacy XPRIZE and AI XPRIZE.  His goal is to empower people by attaining literacy through effective self-learning pedagogy. Ultimately, he wishes to help people achieve the next level of literacy – creativity – through the help of augmented intelligence. 

Frank graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Management from MIT, and an MBA from INSEAD.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he built his career in strategy consulting, financial technology, and investment, having worked as portfolio manager at multiple global hedge funds for over a decade.  He is co-founder and partner of the systematic macro investment firm CONTRENDIAN, which aims to invest different with an intelligent market-timing algorithm.

Team Members

Frank HO (Team Leader)

Dana ROZIER (Head of Content Development)

Pazu LAI (Head of Technology)

Chun CHI (Front-End Development)

AutoCognita Presentation

Team Leader:
Frank Ho
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

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