Global Learning XPRIZE Team: Midnight Illusions

Global Learning XPRIZE Team: Midnight Illusions

Leveraging the power of crowdsourcing to bring together programmers across the globe to compete in the Global Learning XPRIZE.

Midnight Illusions is a Canadian-based team competing in the Global Learning XPRIZE. With a core team of ten cross-industry professionals, they are taking a unique crowdsourcing approach to the programming component of their submission, potentially adding hundreds of additional team members in the process.

Their focus is on the creation of "The ShiraX System" -- a web-based layperson-friendly open source toolbox that allows anyone to easily create and share their self-teaching educational apps with the world, in Android, iOS, Web, PC, and Mac formats.

The Midnight Illusions team is using the crowdsourcing site HeroX to receive code from hundreds of developers worldwide. They have posted approximately 60 "challenges" that anyone, anywhere can sign up for and submit code to. The team then curates all submissions and invites the winners of each submission to become a member of the team. As large groups of coders can work on any challenge, the number of people involved could easily grow into the hundreds.

"We are extremely excited to discover and work with programmers from around the globe, to solve a global problem. ShiraX was designed from the ground-up specifically to meet the needs of the Global Learning XPRIZE competition. The infinitely scalable nature of our educational platform will have a long-term impacts far greater than anything we've imagined to date. We are thrilled to see where it all goes, " said Jason Bavington, Team Lead.

To learn more about "The ShiraX System" and the team's crowdsourcing approach, visit: herox.com/shirax

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