Moonshot Moment for the Global Learning XPRIZE

Moonshot Moment for the Global Learning XPRIZE

As I sit in Dar es Salaam, I can’t help but reflect upon the fact that this is a very historic week for the Global Learning XPRIZE.  The competition has been in progress for 19 months and teams have been developing their solutions for the past year.  We just completed our global team hubs in Paris, Nairobi, and Washington DC, and this week, we’re formally announcing our partnership with the United Nations and the Government of Tanzania.  In addition, we are announcing that Google has donated 8,000 Pixel C Tablets that will be used in the implementation of the Prize.

We are truly on the cusp of a moon-shot moment. The teams developing software and content are working to answer the question: Can a team of tremendous innovators and thinkers design software so cutting edge that it can bring a child on her own and with her friends from zero literacy to literate in 18 months in reading, writing, and math?

Of the 135 competing teams the top five will be selected, their software and content open-sourced, and field-tested in 200 villages in remote Tanzania.  During that selection process, our partners in the field will be working with the communities who will be receiving the tablets, and they will be building solar-charging stations in each community that needs one.  This is the hard and important work of implementation that makes our partnership with the UN so incredibly valuable.  Not only have they enabled us to form a partnership with the Government of Tanzania, they also have the infrastructure to make all this happen.  And when you throw Google into the mix, it becomes a stunningly complex and eclectic multi-partnership that will increase the ultimate impact of this prize by several orders of magnitude.

With this formal announcement, we are letting the world know about our unparalleled partnerships, about the country of Tanzania where we will implement the software and tablets, and about where we stand in the life of the Prize.  We’ve been working toward this day for a long time, and now that it’s here, we believe that we are that much closer to the moon-shot moment we think this will become. Join us on this journey and stay tuned…

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