Global Learning XPRIZE Team: Education Apps for All

Global Learning XPRIZE Team: Education Apps for All

Education Apps for All is one of the many outstanding teams competing in the Global Learning XPRIZE. Led by Isabelle Duston, the team includes professionals from all over the world with experience in the fields of education, technology, design, international development and social entrepreneurship. Bringing them together is their shared belief that education is the foundation of an advancing society and that literacy can open the door to development and growth for individuals and their communities.

The team is focused on more than just effective teaching. They are creating a sustainable way for communities to build on their learning applications. The goal is for new communities to be able to easily adapt the program to their own language and learning level.

The Education Apps for All team believes that innovative solutions can improve education in developing nations, where it is critically needed. Their team is committed to delivering a culturally conscious solution designed by educators who have been trained in best practices for effective reading, literacy and numeracy pedagogy.

For more information, visit their website.

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