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About Us

Learn Leap Fly is working to solve the challenges of global learning by developing innovative, story-based learning software that runs on tablets and mobile devices. Our team, based in Ottawa, Canada, is a group of mathematicians, engineers, data scientists, educators, psychologists, social entrepreneurs, and lifelong learners who have come together to “Teach the World to Learn.”

Tech Information

We build innovative, story-based learning software, aimed at encouraging children to work together to create amazing learning environments wherever touch-based devices are available. Our innovative AI technologies make it possible for these devices to adapt to the children, maintaining a high level of engagement as they are guided through a learning curriculum.

About Team Leader

Amy Wooding is a life-long learner and educator who enjoys exploring and pushing the boundaries in everything that she does. Over the course of the past decade, Amy has been heavily involved in learning and teaching in many capacities, including completing her PhD in Mathematics at McGill University. Amy is passionate about passing on her knowledge and experience in everything she enjoys, from sports medicine, music, and health, to big data, psychology, and abstract mathematics; but if there was only one problem she would to choose to help solve, it would be improving quality and access to education for everyone.

Kjell Wooding has been programming and building computers since 1983. A computer engineer-turned-entrepreneur, he amassed 3 technology startups before returning to academia to earn his PhD in mathematics and engineering. Kjell is a long-time open-source developer and advocate of science, technology, and education. Before Learn Leap Fly, Kjell was a research scientist, using hard-core theoretical research—machine learning, optimization, big data and pure mathematics—to solve the most challenging real-world problems.

Team Members

Amy Wooding (Founder)Liv Jacks
Kjell Wooding (Founder)Liyao Deng
Alana TorracaLiz Gagnon
Alicia McCormickLuke Krolak
Barb HealyMat Hepton
Becky EwaldMei Lin Cheung
Brandon RoebuckMelanie Nelson
Chris NorthMoses Arusa
Colin WeirRachel Cheung
Elizabeth WoodingSam Cheung
Favour IkomeSandra Cheung
Gene ChenScott Wooding
John HealySteve Astels
John ProosTara Small
Leland McInnes

Introducing Learn Leap Fly

Team Leader:
Amy and Kjell Wooding
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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