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Around the world, 250 million children face almost insurmountable literacy challenges: Ill-equipped (or non-existent) primary schools, inadequate curriculum, dire poverty, illiterate parents, and no books at home. But Education Apps for All is changing that, with a field-tested solution called MoToLi 4.0. This open source app is customizable to any language with an alphabet, incorporating culturally conscious content. The team has documented success in three languages: Khmer, Swahili, and English. The Education Apps for All team comprises experts from 12 nations, including experts in reading pedagogy, mobile learning and technology, computer science, instructional design, game design, commercial illustration, storytelling, digital and social entrepreneurship, organizational development, and tech policy. Together, the team envisions a future in which all children can learn to read--and learn to learn--changing lives, changing communities, and changing the world.

Tech Information

Our solution, MoToLi 4.0 is a self-directed reading and math app for use by children 5 and older alone, in small groups, or in the classroom — customizable for any language and any culture.

About Team Leader

Isabelle Duston is a French polyglot. She has lived in Lynchburg Virginia since 2006.  Isabelle holds a Master in Business and Administration from ESCP Europe and has spent most of her career working in the Technology Industry.  A serial entrepreneur, Isabelle holds a firm belief in the use of technology to stimulate social change.

Isabelle is the founder and CEO of Education Technology for Development LLC. Et4d is a consulting firm, which assists NGOs and government agencies that want to use technology to evaluate their programs, to improve the delivery of their education resources or to create online training courses.

Isabelle is also the founder of iLearn4Fun Inc,  a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide educational opportunities for the world’s poorest people. By harnessing the power of technology, iLearn4Fun intends to improve the learning outcomes and have a real impact on the future of the learners and their communities. iLearn4Fun provides children across the globe with easily accessible educational opportunities through MoToLi, its literacy app. MoToli has been deployed in Cambodia in the Khmer language under a USAID All Children Reading grant awarded to World Education.

iLearn4Fun assembled the team of professionals and experts, who developed and enhanced MoToLi for the Global Learning XPRIZE competition.

Team Members

Isabelle DustonMary Faith Mount-Cors 
Aaron BorsayLucy Haagen
Ana ZivickOlivier Alais 
Todd ShermanCarlos Salum
Jessica KornMary Alex
Linda FarrellMeyasi Meshilieck
Nicole LubarAlice Michelazzi
Christelle ScharffHoma Kombo
Aija JasunaAdebayo Adegbembo
Doug BellJim Teicher
Ronda Zelezny-Green Tessa Welch
Team Leader:
Isabelle Duston
Lynchburg, VA, United States

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